Black and white series (Faces of Morocco)

What I love the most when I’m exploreing new places is the encounter with a new culture and its people.

They say a picture says more than a thousand words – enjoy my black and white series of the local people from Marrakech.


DSC02918-001 Old lady crossing the street The olive vendor At the veggie market An old man chilling On the ride The berber shepherd DSC02796-001 DSC02800 The four amigos in Marrakech Making argan oil Vendor At the marketplace DSC02295-001 Children playing DSC02222-001 DSC02224-001 DSC02226-001 DSC02245-001 DSC02214-001 DSC02210-001 DSC02129-001 DSC02127-001 DSC02126-001 DSC02117 DSC02118 DSC02120-001 DSC02122-001 DSC02125-001 DSC02116 DSC02246-001

Thanks to Marokko Eksperten for arranging my itinerary to Morocco and to Sahara Experience for showing me

around in Marrakech.