Have you ever considered skydiving?

Usually when we go travelling, we go in order to see a new place, encounter a new culture and simply to explore the destination. From time to time we even go somewhere just to lay down on that beautiful sand beach to relax – far away from our everyday life.
However, once in a while […]

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The Agafay Desert

If you should get bored of wandering through the souks in Marrakesh (which I doubt), a great escape from the lively, loud city would be the Agafay desert. The desert is located just an hour’s drive from Marrakesh and offers a contrast from the bustle of Marrakesh.

 Activities at the desert
When arriving to the desert […]

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My year in pictures

11 countries and 4 continents visited this year! 
2014 has been a great year, full of wonderful experiences. Many dreams came true and I am truly thankful for everything. Ready for another exciting year with new experiences and new countries to visit.
Thanks for a great year – HAPPY NEW YEAR! <3
January 2014 – Kenya

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Staying at a riad in Morocco

When travelling to Morocco it is a MUST to stay at a riad
But what is a riad in fact?
When we travel we usually find a hotel or hostel to stay in, depending on the budget. When travelling to Morocco one can do the same however I would recommend you to stay at a riad. […]

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Black and white series (Faces of Morocco)

What I love the most when I’m exploreing new places is the encounter with a new culture and its people.
They say a picture says more than a thousand words – enjoy my black and white series of the local people from Marrakech.

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Getting lost in the souks

On Friday, we had the day off so that we could explore the city on our own. As we didn’t have the chance to explore the souks, I decided to spend my day in the small colorful streets. Souk in Arabic means market and we were about to enter a great labyrinth of discoveries. However, it […]

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Live from The Rose City

Blue sky, sunshine and palm trees are among those things that characterized the day today. We arrived to Marrakech at 10:30 AM, welcomed with great sunshine. Hereafter, we were on our way to the riad where we have to spend the next two nights.
Driving from the airport to the riad I noticed how all […]

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When you least except it, it happens…

A while ago a friend of mine recommended me as a blogger for the Danish travel agency Marokko Eksperten. And to my surprise, I received an e-mail 2 days ago wherein the agency was offering me a tour to Marrakesh with departure on Tuesday December 16th, which I of course accepted.
The program for the 4-days-tour is already […]

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