Christmas spirit in Copenhagen

Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh
Our most favorite time of the year has finally come – Christmas. It’s that time of the year where things are more idyllic. The streets are neatly decorated (at least in Copenhagen where I live) and […]

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What to do in Bosnia in Summer 2016

As a tourist, planning a trip to Bosnia can be a bit tricky as information is lacking. Usually, you’ll end up spending 1-3 days in the country, either in Sarajevo, Mostar or both cities. But hold on, that’s far from what Bosnia can offer you as a visitor!
I thought it would be useful with […]

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Hiking from Umoljani to Lukomir

Earlier this year, Visit Konjic and Turisticki Klaster Hercegovina invited bloggers from around the world to participate in a ten-day familiarization trip around Herzegovina. Luckily, I was selected to participate and I gladly accepted the opportunity to experience more corners of my home country, Bosnia & Herzegovina.
The ten-day program was very packed with outdoors […]

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World of a Travelholic goes Balkanized!

Whenever I let somebody know that I’m from Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH), people seem to hear it as Boston. Finally, when they realize it’s Bosnia, that small heart-shaped country in the center of Europe, they go on with questions like “How is the situation down there?”, “Is there still a war going on?”, “Is […]

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Welcome to my city – Copenhagen

Recently, I found myself thinking about the fact that I haven’t done a very important post; about my lovely city, Copenhagen! When you travel a lot, you somehow forget to see the charm in your own city. Maybe it’s because you don’t think about it as a tourist place as you live there yourself? […]

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Sardinia – Italy’s Hidden Gem

The beautiful island of Sardinia is often an overlooked destination within Italy. Visitors tend to visit all the touristy cities on the mainland; Rome, Venice, and Florence just to name a few (which are worth a visit) but Sardinia is a hidden treasure which you absolutely must discover!
I had the opportunity to visit Sardinia […]

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No more football for this season

As you might have noticed, I’m a football fanatic, at least when it comes to my national team, Bosnia & Herzegovina. I have watched 6 out of 9 matches played this season, where most of these where UEFA EURO 2016 Qualification matches. Unfortunately, as you might know by now, we didn’t get through to […]

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Bosnian speialaties – must eat when visiting Bosnia

When we travel to a foreign country we usually want to explore the history and the culture of that certain country and food is a big part of this exploration. Every country has their kind of cuisine and you might even find countries where the food is very similar. The Bosnian cuisine is for example […]

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Your restaurant guide to Sarajevo

Food is very important in daily life in Bosnia & Herzegovina, we simply love cooking and we spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing dishes.
We believe that food bring people together and we go all in when guest are coming over for dinner or even for a coffee – and I promise […]

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25 hours – Almost home

Where do I stay when I travel, you ask. Well, that varies a lot. I stay at hostels, two, three, four and five stars hotels, and I’ve even slept in tents and under the open sky. What do I enjoy the most? Luxury, of course. I mean who doesn’t like luxury, right?

Imagine my enthusiasm […]

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