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Welcome to Skopje – the undiscovered capital in the Balkans

The home of Mother Teresa, the city of the many statues and great food are some of the things that characterizes this European capital. What gives the city its unique charm is the mixture of old and new. Its modern architecture makes an interesting contrast to the old spirit, felt in the old part of the town.

What to see?

Skopje has become very famous for its many statues, many does not even express it – they are everywhere. The many statues are a result of project of a redevelopment of the city. Even though they have become a tourist attraction, I personally don’t find them very interesting. A funny thing to do though is to make a count of the countless number of statues, let me know how many you have counted!

However, there are so many other things to see in this city. Some of the main attractions are the old Stone Bridge, Old Bazaar, Millennium Cross, the Skopje Fortress Kale, Macedonian Village and the Memorial House of Mother Teresa.

My top 3: Skopje Fortress Kale, Millennium Cross + Macedonian Village and the Old Bazaar

When is the best time to visit Skopje?

I have visited Skopje during different seasons, and my two favorite seasons are during spring and autumn. During these seasons it’s neither too cold nor too hot, and the colors of spring and autumn turns the city into a fairytale, especially autumns beautiful colors; yellow-orange. Summertime in Skopje can be a bit too hot, as the temperature can reach 40 degrees Celsius. However, when it comes to crowded periods, there are no need to worry, there are visitors in the city but it is not overwhelming (finally a place where you can walk around in peace).

My suggestion: Spring and autumn

Where to stay?

Hotel prices in Skopje are very affordable compared to other European cities. Five star hotel rate can be found from € 90 per night (Skopje Marriot Hotel starts from € 110 per night). Staying in the city center is therefore the best choice as you will be close to the main attractions. However, the city basically has two parts, the new modern area and the old town, so depending on your own taste, you can chose either of the two parts of the city.

My suggestion: City center – old town

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