Hello – Buenos Días – Bonjour – Dobar Dan – Selam aleykum – Konnichiwa – 你好

I am Zana, a 27-year-old Bosnian girl living in Denmark. After graduating from high school I decided to fullfill my American dream and went to Chicago. After visiting the States for the first time I discovered my passion for travelling and so it grew bigger. Ever since 2008 till this day on I have been travelling unconditionally which is almost some 6 – 12 times a year to different countries around the world. Copenhagen has always been my base as I had to come back to “real life” in order to work my ass off so that I could afford all my travels.

During these years I have managed to finish my Bachelor’s degree and I have most recently started my Master in Communications and Marketing – so my travel activity for the upcoming year 2015 will be quite reduced as I have to concentrate on finishing my degree.

However, stay tuned because unexpected trips can occur as I have a hard time accepting the fact that I have to reduce my travels for now.