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25 hours – Almost home

Where do I stay when I travel, you ask. Well, that varies a lot. I stay at hostels, two, three, four and five stars hotels, and I’ve even slept in tents and under the open sky. What do I enjoy the most? Luxury, of course. I mean who doesn’t like luxury, right?

Imagine my enthusiasm when I found my favorite 4 star hotel in Vienna at an affordable price; 25 hours.

Vienna is one of my favorite European cities – it has everything. And while I’m on the road I like to feel at home. And this feeling is exactly what this retro 4 star hotel can offer you.

The perfect location

25 hours is located in the artistic and cultural hub of the city; the MuseumsQuartier. Located right next to the amazing Greek-inspired Austrian Parliament, which by the way is designed by the Danish architect Theophil Hansen, and one of Europe’s most beautiful and impression looking city halls.

Moreover, the hotel is within walking distance from the charming city center.

Inspired by the local vibe

25 Hours has transformed itself from being an affordable design hotel to a retro four star hotel, visited by a lot of business people. The theme of the hotel is inspired by the city of Vienna, and thus the spirit of Vienna’s amusement park Prater, which is actually the world’s oldest amusement park, shines throughout the hotel.

The hotel has 217 rooms including 34 suites each equipped with a kitchenette. It offers 6 different room categories; each one being unique. Each room has its own specific color; you’ll find a pink, blue and green room with crazy, however, really interesting illustrations on the wall inspired by the amusement park – made by the one of Germany’s best-known illustrators, Olaf Hajek. The bed is comfy, there’s a desk if you want some work done or write post cards to loved ones, and the bathroom is spacious. The atmosphere is great and the hotel lived up to its motto “almost home”.

Room Pink Room Blue Room Green

The funky design

This designer hotel has though of everything. The small details makes your stay even better. Just one example of the chill-out-attitude at this 4 star hotel is their “don’t disturb”-cards. Instead of just being a boring piece of paper, this hotel offers you to show a bit of your personality. Thus you can choose between 25 options if you want to sleep in: “This is MY home now”, “still need to “move” some furniture” ,“Still naked”, and I of course was “still dreaming of Fiji”.

If you’re in the city – make sure to book a stay at the 25 Hours hotel.

Rathaus - City hall Parliament