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Pest-Buda: A Charming Boutique Hotel in the Castle district

I just returned from an absolutely amazing trip to Budapest. I was visiting the city with my dear mother and “wow” is probably what describes this city in the best possible way, according to my mum (she was speechless). If you’ve ever been to Budapest, you’ll know there are two distinct sides to the city: Buda and Pest. I’ll be…

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The Ritz experience

As you might have noticed I’m not a luxury traveler, I’m not that kind of person who wants to spend hundreds of $$ for at hotel stay – nor can I afford it. However, when traveling in Asia you get tempted to try out the life of a luxury traveler as the prices are more reasonable – and that’s what…

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25 hours – Almost home

Where do I stay when I travel, you ask. Well, that varies a lot. I stay at hostels, two, three, four and five stars hotels, and I’ve even slept in tents and under the open sky. What do I enjoy the most? Luxury, of course. I mean who doesn’t like luxury, right? Imagine my enthusiasm when I found my favorite…

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