Training Camp in Zenica

Last year the construction of the new training camp in Zenica was finally finished. The training camp is used by the Bosnian National Team and is one of the most modern sports constructions in Balkan at the moment.

The camp was financed by the City Couincil, Zenica Canton, FA of BiH and FIFA. The camp includes two football pitches, one with natural and one with artificial grass, both equipped with floodlights. The stadium capacity is estimated to 3,300 seats and underneath the seats you will find a restaurant, kitchen, meeting room, changing room and a fitness center. In addition, you will find 24 apartments made for each player in order to get the necessary rest before an important match.

The cost of the training camp is 10 million EURO where UEFA has donated around 4 million EURO and FIFA around $600,000.

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