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Winter special: Bjelašnica

Another untouched winter wonderland in Bosnia is the famous Bjelašnica mountain. Bjelašnica is also located in the central part of the country, however, only 25 km from the historical capital Sarajevo. The highest peak at Bjelašnica is the Observatory, with an elevation of 2.067 m. You can enjoy more than 40 kilometers of ski slopes in beautiful surroundings. Winter Olympic Games 1984 And not…

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Discover Europe’s secret places – discover the Vlašić Mountain

Are you planning a winter holiday? Then stop by the Vlašić mountain, located in the heart of Bosnia & Herzegovina, only a 3.5 hour drive from the capital, Sarajevo. Lift passes, accommodation, restaurants etc. are much cheaper than in the Alps and what is even greater: it is not crowded as it is not well known (at least for now).…

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What you should not miss out when in Bosnia

As I’m a frequent visitor in Bosnia I would say that I know quite a few places one has to visit, when visiting this little country in the heart of Europe. Unfortunately, not many travellers tend to visit Bosnia as many people still tend to believe that  it’s a ‘war-zone’ – which is obviously not the case. The fact is…

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