Bosnia & Herzegovina,  EUROPE

Discover Europe’s secret places – discover the Vlašić Mountain

Are you planning a winter holiday?

Then stop by the Vlašić mountain, located in the heart of Bosnia & Herzegovina, only a 3.5 hour drive from the capital, Sarajevo.

Lift passes, accommodation, restaurants etc. are much cheaper than in the Alps and what is even greater: it is not crowded as it is not well known (at least for now).  The highest peak at Vlašić is Paljenik, with an elevation of 1,943 meters above sea level.

Vlašić Mountain represents the core of winter tourism in the area. In fact, it was well known for its annual International ski-jump competition, the Vlasic Cup Contest, which was integrated in the Cup of Europe.

You are guaranteed snow at the Valsic and the Babanovac areas as the snow lasts for approximately 5 months a year!



There are 4 ski-lifts on Vlašić with a capacity of 3700 skiers per hour, however one ski-lift is not working at the moment. These are:

1.Ugar – capacity of 650 persons per hour (not working),
2.Markovac capacity of 650 persons per hour also,
3. Babanovac a double ski-lift capacity of 2100 persons per hour
4. Two Baby ski-lifts for the children and beginners, with capacity of 300 persons per hour.

Vlasic piste

Prices at Vlašić Mountain

Ski Pass for season 2013/14 

The ski pass can be used for following ski-lifts: Babanovac I i II and Markovac.

Vlasic ski pass pricing

Finally, the Vlašić Mountain is also famous for its cheese, the Vlašić cheese, which is one of the best white cheeses in brine – so please don’t forget to taste this delicious cheese!

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