Bosnia & Herzegovina,  EUROPE

Winter special: Bjelašnica

Another untouched winter wonderland in Bosnia is the famous Bjelašnica mountain. Bjelašnica is also located in the central part of the country, however, only 25 km from the historical capital Sarajevo.

The highest peak at Bjelašnica is the Observatory, with an elevation of 2.067 m. You can enjoy more than 40 kilometers of ski slopes in beautiful surroundings.

Winter Olympic Games 1984

And not to be forgotten! Mount Bjelašnica achieved worldwide popularity after hosting the Winter Olympic Games back in 1984. It is worth mentioning that the International Olympic Committee pronounced the 1984 Winter Olympics to be the best in history!

Bjelasnica Mountain

Accomondation at Bjelašnica

If you choose to spend your winter holidays at Bjelašnica, your choice of cottages, appartments and motels is quite great. You can either choose something  in the area or even in Sarajevo, as the drive from here only takes about 30 min. and costs around €30. However, I would recommend you to book a stay in one of the cottages or at the beautiful Hotel Han, located in the heart of Bjelašnica, with view at the ski slopes.

Good to know

Sarajevo Olympic City

Bjelašnica is located in a mountainous area, close to Igman and Jahorina mountain, which together with Bjelašnica hosted the Winter Olympics. Igman is a good choice for beginners as the slopes here are a bit easier and child friendly, as it has a children’s lift with soft hills to practice on.

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