The Inka Trek – the trek of your life!

Ever since I can remember I have wanted to see Machu Picchu. I have always had a certain kind of passion for South America and this year I finally had the chance to visit this part of the world. We booked our great journey through the Danish travel agency Kilroy, who is specialized in offering travels for youth and students, and as they state help them EXPLORE LIFE.

When we arrived to Cuzco we had to attend a meeting concerning the Inka Trek at the Milhouse Hostel where Bamba Experience was expecting us. Our guide, Frank, gave us the all the needed information and we were ready for the 4-days Inka Trek.

What was going to be interesting was the fact that none of us had been trekking before (at least not this far) and moreover none of us had ever slept in a tent before. However, that did not scare me – I was way to excited for this new adventure!

Day 1 

Our group

Me looking silly

Day 2

2nd day camp site

Day 3

Hinking Inka Trek

Climbing that mountain

Jumping almost there

Day 4


Bosnians united at Machu PicchuDSC01813