ASIA,  Japan

Geisha for a day

Once upon a time … in Japan

My most favorite destination so far has been Japan, I literary  enjoyed every moment of my trip. I found it so interesting due to the fact that it was so different from all the other places I’ve visited and by this I mean I was positively surprised in so many ways.

However, what I was really excited about was my “Geisha Transformation Experience” and this is what I will introduce you to in this post.

I booked a time at the Yumekoubou-Maiko Makeover Studio in Kyoto some weeks before take-off. I have to mention that Kyoto is the capital of Geishas as it is the only place where you can encounter a real Geisha nowadays.

As our base during the stay in Japan was in Osaka, I got up early in the morning in order to catch my daily shinkansen train, on my way to Kyoto. I arrived at the studio before time and was welcomed right away.

Firstly, I had to fill out some papers and then I was sent in to the make-up and dress-up room. Before putting me in the chair for the next hour or so, I had to choose my kimono – and I choosed the color PURPLE.

During the next 30-40 minutes they had to put on the make-up – I was actually surprised by how fast they did it as I was all covered in make-up. After that, they help you put on the kimono – it’s not as simple as one would think. And last but not least, they put on a wig. When they finish the dressing, they take you to the studio where a camera man takes several photos – girl’s this is the fame-moment, 5 minutes of fame where you’ll act like a model.

Pictures from the make-over

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