Why do I travel?

The simple answer to this question is that I truly love to travel. Whenever I get the opportunity to go somewhere I will do it. However, I must say that I’m really good at making up “excuses” in order to book a travel and just go.

1. To visit family and friends

Since I have a really big family I travel to visit them as my family means a lot to me. Luckily enough, my family is located all over the world so I have a list of countries to choose between.

As I have travelled a lot during the last 6 years, I’ve meet some really cool people along the way. Some have even become really good friends of mine which means we’re visiting each other. The best kind of win-win!

2. To support my national team in football

One should not believe it but I’m actually a huge football fan especially when my national team, which is Bosnia & Herzegovina, is playing. There is nothing better than seeing them out on the pitch while jumping as a maniac on the tribune surrounded by other crazy football fans. I’m a proud BH Fanaticos!

3. To educate myself

When I first started to travel my father was not that fond of it since I was his little girl and going out in the big world sounded kind of scary in his ears. He always said “you have plenty of time to travel, please stay home”.  However, I knew how to change his mind. My dad supports everything when it comes to education so whenever I had to go somewhere on my own I would say it’s in order to improve my English or my Spanish – which is actually also the case when you go abroad.

4. To go to places I’ve never been before

As I love to travel it is no wonder that my list of countries to visit is long. Sometimes I feel like it’s getting even longer by each day. I guess this is one of my favorite excuses as I get to see places I’ve never seen before. Moreover, I get to check a new country off my bucket list which is even a greater feeling.

5. To get more experience

Finally, I travel in order to get more experience. To be wiser on what the world has to offer. To encounter the beautiful nature, the many cultures, the face of people around the world.