Yet another match – Bosnia vs. Belgium

Only 2 days after the match in Wales I was on my way to my home country, Bosnia & Herzegovina, to see another EURO 2016 qualification match, only this time against Belgium. This was going to be my first match on home ground, at Bilino Polje, and I was so excited!

I must admit that I was kind of nervous since the Belgium National Team is considered to be a strong team – they are actually ranked as 4th in the Fifa/Coca-Cola World Ranking (Source)! Apart from that I was not that impressed with the result from the match against Wales since I was hoping for a victory (no offcence Wales fans). The truth is we played really bad so I was fearing a big loss against Belgium.

However, October 13th came and we were ready. The player setup was satisfying and we were ready to face Belgium.

Player setup

The two teams came in and the anthems were about to be presented. When they turned on the Bosnian National Anthem the WHOLE stadium started to sing (the funny thing is that our anthem is without lyrics but yet we still have it). The feeling of belongning was incredible – no words can describe this amazing atmosphere, it’s simply something one has to experience!

20:45 (UTC+01:00) the game was on. The feelings were many but most of all anxious – the unexpected. However, the Bosnian Dragons showed good from the very beginning but as we all know everything is possible in football.

21:13 (UTC+01:00) The atmosphere was kind of tense but our goalkeeper, Mr. Begović, did a great job! And finally in the 28th minute it happened, Džeko scored and Bosnia was one goal ahead!


However,only 6 minutes after the half-time Belgian Nainggolan scores and the result ends with 1-1.

The Bosnian Dragons did a great job and even though they did not win I think they deserve a great applause. However, what I always tend to notice when they are facing the tough teams is that they somehow always play better.