EUROPE,  Switzerland

Lucerne – a magical place in the heart of Switzerland

Located only 45 minutes, by train, from Z├╝rich you’ll find the beautiful city of Lucerne. The city is home to a range of beautiful sights; the Swiss Alps, Lake Lucerne, the Chapel Bridge, the old town of Lucerne etc.


Chapel Bridge

When I visited Lucerne in May 2013 it was like “love at first sight”. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of this city. What really caught my eye was the sight of the beautiful Swiss mountains that surround the city – it was absolutely stunning (when you live in a country like Denmark, flat as a pancake, you really enjoy the sight of mountains). I remember my friend, who I was visiting, was laughing at me as I had to take a small break every now and then to simply enjoy this view.

Exploring Lucerne

So came the day where we had to climb – more correctly hike – the mountain Pilatus (elevation: 2.120m). We got up early that day since it takes quite a while to get to the top. The weather was amazing and we were able to see the top of the mountain on our way up hill. We managed to get halfway in 3.5 hour and took the cable car to the top since there were quite a lot of snow at the last part.

Halfway till Pilatus

– We made it half way through.

View from Pilatus

– The beautiful view from the top

At the top of Pilatus

– Me enjoying the Swiss Alps

If you ever decide on going to Lucerne (which I would definitely recommend you to do!) then you have to hike up Mount Pilatus or Mount Rigi – I promise you, you won’t regret!